New Leaders that Enjoy the Right Support Get Up to Speed in Half the Time

Whether they’re new leaders that have moved up through the ranks at one organisation or are brand new to the company, appointees that enjoy the right coaching support get up to speed to produce results in half the time.

What’s next for newly empowered leaders?

When it comes to onboarding and enabling new appointees, we must ask ourselves how we can support them in a way that helps them access the absolute best they have to offer. Newcomers in strategic roles pose a variety of risks to themselves and their organisation if they’re not able to deliver on their objectives, and we want to help them overcome this period.

Whether they’re external appointees, specialists or professionals moving from consultancy roles and management of specialised functions to more strategic influential leadership roles, they’re entering the unknown and are expected to rapidly take up the mantle to deliver results. Yes, they’ve been empowered by appointment, but they may not be enabled to succeed yet.

If they’re new to the organisation, they’ll need to understand the values and establish credibility without the benefit of internal influence. They may even face resistance from the inherited team, adding challenges to building effective relationships. For the internally promoted employee, there’s the challenge of navigating the new dynamics of peer relationships and learning how to influence at the right levels. If they’re a specialist moving to a leadership role, they may have to give up the comfort of being a subject matter expert.

New appointees with the right support maximise ROI.

Effective performance development programs for new appointees in strategic roles, deal with issues of transition and integration in a structured and deliberate way. Proactive support aims to identify problem areas before they occur and reduce the risk of dropping the ball by addressing critical factors known to cause issues in the early stages of employment.

Considering the total cost of recruiting a new leader, and the even greater cost of a failed appointment; coaching is an essential investment that will increase the likelihood of success while reducing the time taken for the appointment to yield the desired results.

Coaching helps move the new leader from the early stages of uncertainty where limiting beliefs impact performance to a space where empowering beliefs flourish and manifest in characteristics like confidence, and impactful delivery of the role’s objectives. Organisations that empower and enable effectively in this way win when it comes to maintaining strong consistent performance during change.

Transition coaching enables newly empowered appointees to perform. 

Transition coaching is a strategic approach to ensuring your organisation continues to thrive in a world full of challenges. With professional support directed at shortening the time it takes for your new leaders and specialists to perform at a high level, your business will be ready to take on the goals you’ve set out for the new year.

As a leading provider with 25 years of experience coaching leaders in blue-chip companies and government, Change Partners is perfectly positioned to help you advance.

Nomase Loqo is an International Executive Coach at Change Partners with a wealth of experience in business and leadership development. She’s passionate about helping people overcome their limiting beliefs to achieve their full potential. Contact her at or on 082 737 9244 to help you step up to a new level of performance.

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