The Women in Leadership Program

Leardership program

The women in leadership program

The women in leadership Program creates an organizational culture that promotes inclusivity and empowers female leaders to thrive. The program helps women realize their purpose in leadership and supports them to fulfill their role in leading their organizations into the future.

Change Partners recognizes the challenges women face in expressing themselves and reaching their full potential in business today. Systematically embedded gender biases prevail in many spaces which limit their growth.

The Women in Leadership Program advances diversity, equality, and inclusion by working with all genders to transform their conscious and unconscious biases towards women into supportive perspectives and behaviours. It also helps women find their leadership voice, develop their unique strengths and become more visible contributors to their organisation’s success.

The women in leadership program benefits organizations by

The change partners approach

We begin with a pre-program discovery session to get a deeper understanding of your needs and to determine whether facilitating an in-house program, applying a bespoke co-creative initiative, or engaging in direct, individual contact would suit your organisation best.


Once the most effective development initiative has been customised for you, our qualified coaches will employ their expertise and professionally recognised tools to ensure that all initiatives are focused on the right objectives, give your participants a meaningful growth experience, and make a measurable impact on your organisation.

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