Our Executive Coaching approach is founded on the following principles:

Overarching Principles


Coaching leverages and builds on strengths while creating awareness and positive development of any blind spots. We unleash personal strengths for optimal leadership influence by the facilitation of the unlearning of redundant/habitual ways of doing which do not produce optimal results.

Positive Psychology:

Positive Psychology offers a structured and reliable approach to supporting individuals to achieve their goals. Rooted in science, this approach helps our clients increase their well-being, enhance, and apply their strengths, improve their performance, and sustainably achieve their goals.

Positive Intelligence:

Many of our coaches are trained in the theory and methods of Positive Intelligence which is consistently and effectively applied both within one-on-one and team coaching scenarios for personal awareness and mastery. Research-based tools strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quiets the part that sabotages you. With mental fitness, one can deal with life’s challenges with agility, a more positive mindset, and less stress.

Systemic Coaching:

The individual client or team is coached with the larger system in mind – exploring the part in the whole, and the whole in the part, to unlock the potential and performance of both. Systemic coaching offers benefits to all the stakeholders of the client, including those they lead, colleagues, investors, customers, partners, their local community, and the wider ecology.

Goal Oriented:

Goal-focused coaching is used in the workplace to help individuals set and reach personal and workplace goals. Coaches facilitate an individual’s progressin a collaborative, solution-focused and systematic process which is aimed at enhancing performance, self-directed learning, and well-being.

Appreciative inquiry:

Progress is celebrated and the client is valued and supported to unleash their full potential in a safe space.

Developing resilient leaders and change champions:

Our approaches are intended to develop leadership skills and equip leaders to operate in an environment of volatile change, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA world). We create transformational, responsive, and collaborative leaders by building leadership resilience and equipping them to create meaning and purpose for others as they lead.

Experiential and reflective learning:

Our coaching dialogues provide the leader with a safe platform for self-reflection and rigorous conversations. It allows reflecting on one’s experiences and behaviours. Learning is cultivated and transformed through a cycle of devising new thinking, feeling, behaviours and actions. Adult learning or development has an impact when it is a process rather than an event; has a focus on reflective, interactive and action learning; and the learner has meaningful assignments between coaching sessions.

Transformative learning:

We generate new leadership wisdom by challenging current ‘ways of thinking, believing, behaving’ – holding leaders accountable to demonstrate new options and choices, and to generate new ways of seeing and approaching the role of leadership. We foster critical shifts in leadership mindset from:

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