Positive Intelligence

Positive intelligence

Positive intelligence

The Positive intelligence (PQ) program helps you develop the mental fitness needed to respond to challenges positively and enhance your organizational impact. It’s a transformational app-guided program that strengthens your mental muscles making it possible for you to reach your highest potential.

The struggle to achieve your optimum performance can often be attributed to inner voices that generate negative emotions and sabotage your ability to handle challenges. The PQ program identifies the saboteurs that limit your beliefs, builds key mental muscles needed to conquer those saboteurs, and increases your positive intelligence quotient to develop new habits that serve you well.

Positive Intelligence has a profound impact on the leader’s ability to advance their organisations, and it also empowers employees to stay focused and display a positive outlook under stress. The program helps develop a workplace culture of well-being and has a measurable impact on performance.

Positive intelligence benefits organizations by

The change partners approach

We begin with a pre-program discovery session to understand your needs and to customise our development approach. We then set you up with the PQ app to assess and provide daily and weekly practices to strengthen your mental muscles.


Our qualified coaches will employ their expertise to support and guide you through the program to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefit and a meaningful growth experience.

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