Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching for New Leaders

Career Transition Coaching helps you master the changes that come with a new position, a career shift, retrenchment or retirement. It is a development process to help you navigate the challenges of transition and sets you up to thrive in your new environment, role, or phase of life.

New appointees need to achieve a high level of performance quickly. Career transition coaching helps them overcome the technical, environmental, social, and cultural obstacles associated with big role shifts, and gets them up to speed quickly. Organisations that put initiatives in place to support new appointees enjoy greater performance consistency.

Career Transition Coaching is also a powerful tool to help retrenched employees establish a way forward and gives purpose and direction to those who are retiring.

Career Transition Coaching Benefits Organisations by:

The Change Partners Approach:

At Change Partners we work with the individual undertaking the transition to ensure their mindset is adaptive and able to overcome the stress linked with change. We also work with the organisation to build effective support structures for new appointees.


We ensure our interventions are focused on the right objectives, give participants a meaningful growth experience, and make a measurable impact on your organisation.

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