About Us

Your Partner on the Leadership Journey

Change Partners is the most well-established leadership development company in South Africa. Since 1998 we’ve engaged with over 5000 leaders and made a meaningful impact on their success. Today, with a global reach, our journey continues as we develop leaders to perform at the highest level and help create organisations that inspire performance, nurture growth, and encourage positive employee experiences.

Our approach is to build an authentic and supportive relationship with you, get to the heart of your people development needs, and cultivate the leadership essentials needed for your organisation to flourish.

Coaching is our primary method of development. Our individual, group, team, facilitation, and customised coaching initiatives are provided by a team of diverse, highly qualified, and experienced coaches.

Facts about Us

Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching initiatives are so successful that more than 80% of our new business relationships stem from the positive experiences created with our past and present clients.

Large Team

We’re a highly diverse team of leadership coaches with a wealth of experience across a range of industries.

Permanent Transition

We’re attuned to the unique challenges and qualities of a business landscape in constant transition.

Our Philosophy

Deeply Passionate

We’re a partner-only business, and all assignments are carried out by professionals with deep career experience, who are passionate about helping leaders grow.


We specialise in leadership development to give critical stakeholders the focus they deserve.

Committed to High Standards

Our rigorous coach selection and client matching process delivers a professional and impactful development experience.

Our Values

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