Ignite Your Leadership Genius in the Age of AI

John C Maxwell’s quote, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional,” is more relevant than ever. Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived, and while many leaders are apprehensive, others have confidently risen to the occasion. What’s their secret? They’ve leveraged agility and creativity to raise their impact. You too, can use these skills to ignite your leadership genius in the age of AI.

Observing the Cycle of Change

When I was younger, video cassette players were cutting-edge entertainment gadgets but also tested the patience and flexibility of the older folk. Luckily, my youthful curiosity and adventurous streak allowed me to display technical wizardry in the eyes of my parents.

Today, the cassette players have retired, and I’ve realised that although our entertainment technology is vastly different, history has repeated itself. My children are the ones showing mastery with complex new gadgets while I watch on in awe.

AI has brought a similar scenario to the business world. Virtual assistants, Chatbots, generative design tools, data mining and performance development apps are just a few of the clever new solutions bringing change and shuffling our old faithful business tools out the door.

It’s an exciting time to be alive and I’m inspired by the possibilities. AI has already shown its efficiency and given organisations significant advantages. But this promising new frontier has brought some challenges.

Are We Ready for AI?

Although many leaders have boldly embraced the change and found creative ways to increase their impact with this technology, some have struggled to engage with it and now run the risk of falling behind.

A recent global consultancy report stated that although at least 85% of business leaders believed in the future wins AI offered, only 20% felt ready to tackle the transformation.

Many feel like they’re on the back foot and are facing everything from employee resistance, ethical concerns, lack of expertise and time constraints. It’s easy to see why some are struggling to implement critical transformative initiatives.

So, what can you do to take a more proactive approach and help your organisation win with AI?  

Technical skills are imperative, especially since we’re dealing with complex technology. But it’s mindset skills like agility and creativity that are essential. These are common traits in leaders who are thriving alongside AI.

Agility helps you pivot quickly and become more resilient. Creativity allows you to inject a healthy dose of innovation into your strategies. These skills are the key to overcoming the fear and apprehension of change, thinking out of the box, and accessing the best of your abilities.

Real-world Success

Daphne Lopes, Head of Customer Success for the UK at HubSpot, was recognised as one of the company’s most creative leaders for 2023. Her innovation with AI is where her real magic appeared and led to an increase in customer engagement.

The Woolworth’s Group’s Jessica Hirst also showed brilliant leadership in her focus on change management and creativity with AI. She’s been the powerhouse behind the implementation of AI-centric business processes.

Daphne and Jessica are two of many dynamic female leaders who have put themselves on the right side of a fast-moving technological transformation by adopting a clear strategy, nurturing agility and creativity, and exercising courage. They’ve shown how to lead from a place of genius while under pressure.

Coaching Helps Leaders Thrive during Change

Coaching has proven to be a critical support tool for leaders facing daunting transformations and wanting to adopt a mindset where they’re free to express themselves creatively.

Leadership development and executive coaching can help you develop the agility to adapt and make critical decisions quickly. It’s a powerful tool for stimulating you to think and act innovatively. These skills will empower you to confidently implement future-relevant initiatives.

The coaching process creates a safe space to look within and identify gaps and solutions. It’s also supported by objective and challenging conversations that encourage growth at a deep level.

Learning to handle change and creatively leveraging new technologies will help you increase your potential as an impact-maker. In the age of AI, this is how you’ll ignite your true leadership genius. 

With a diverse team of professionals experienced in unlocking leadership excellence, and tuned to the future of leadership development, Change Partners is perfectly positioned to help you advance.

Helene Muller is an International Executive Coach at Change Partners. She’s committed to empowering leaders and is passionate about helping them develop a vision for their future and a strategy to achieve their goals. Contact her at helenemuller@change.co.za or on 083 225 8984 and take your performance forward.

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