Help Young Leaders Discover the Gift of Purpose

Many leaders throughout history have achieved the impossible by embracing a greater cause. They were driven by purpose, a powerful force. As we celebrate South Africa’s youth this month, we look at how we can help our young leaders discover the gift of purpose and make a remarkable impact on the world.

How the Youth Created Our New Reality

On June 16th, 1976, tens of thousands of students rose to protest the apartheid government’s oppressive language laws and poor quality of education. Students set out peacefully to gather at Orlando Stadium. But their route was intercepted by heavily armed police whose violent response sent shockwaves around the world.

This was the Soweto Uprising, and at the heart of it were youth with a desperate hope for a better future. It was a tipping point in the fight for equal rights and profoundly changed the socio-political landscape of South Africa.

John Maxwell said, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” The young leaders who orchestrated the uprising embodied that and changed the reality for future generations. They believed in a purpose bigger than themselves and succeeded in inspiring others to believe too.

A Force Within

Purpose is a powerful force that can motivate you beyond obstacles, guide you towards a clear objective, and give you access to a deep well of passion.

I went through a 10-year stretch in my career where I felt redundant and fell out of sync with my usual enthusiastic pursuit of growth. The organisation I worked for was restructuring and created fear, anxiety, and uncertainty in the people around me.

So, I began mentoring employees who were challenged and oriented new joiners outside of my role functions. It sparked a fire inside and helped me discover a deeply rewarding purpose.

I answered the call, and two years later I left financial services, became a coach and immersed myself in an unknown and exciting world of consultancy.

Purpose-driven Leadership Changes the World

Leaders in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) era face challenges that require more than a strategic plan. They need the voice on the inside to be louder than the voices on the outside and need to connect with a higher calling.

Young leaders all over the world are awakening to this and adopting a more purpose-driven life, which bodes well for our future.

Regina Magoke, a 21-year-old climate justice activist from Tanzania, is one of them. She launched “Green Sphere,” a non-profit organisation that works tirelessly to preserve the environment and educate others on protecting natural resources. Her work comes straight from the heart.

Leaders like Regina who are purpose-driven; are resilient, influential, and more effective in communicating a vision to their teams. They also attract passionate employees and inspire a culture of excellence that can move organisations to great heights.

This is the foundation we want for our young leaders. We can start them on the right path by helping them ask themselves, “Why am I here? What do I want to be? What must I do to get to where I want to be? And what will I or my organisation have because of my effort?”

These questions can help them engage their limiting beliefs and align with a more meaningful reason to work.

Coaching Helps Young Leaders Find Purpose

All around South Africa, you’ll see a rich pool of talented young leaders. Future champions of industry, brimming with potential. How we nurture and encourage them matters.

Leadership development and executive coaching initiatives that promote introspection and self-discovery can be transformative. They can help leaders become more purpose-driven in the daily execution of their roles and throughout their careers.

Coaching can help your young leaders find the source of their passion and express it with their technical skills. The combination will increase their trajectory, enhance their impact, and put your organisation at an advantage.

The youth of 1976 found their calling and helped liberate a country with it. Our young leaders today, with our support and a heartfelt purpose to connect with, can change the world for the better.

You have a world of untapped greatness within you. Begin your transformative journey and rise from a place of “what if?” to a life of purpose, mastery, and abundance.

Nomase Loqo is an International Executive Coach at Change Partners with a wealth of experience in business and a passion for helping leaders access their inner power. Contact her at or on 082 737 9244 to help you take a courageous step forward and express your brilliance to the world.

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