Communicate With Tomorrow’s Leaders Today – Part Four of Real Skills Series

Our ability to communicate well has helped us make meaningful personal and professional connections. This powerful skill has also helped us advance our businesses in incredible ways. So, as the world shifts into an exciting new gear, how can we use it as a tool to build a thriving, future-relevant organisation?  We can learn to communicate with tomorrow’s leaders today.

Our organisation’s future depends on how well we communicate with our emerging leaders. The generation gap is just one of the dynamics to consider. Enjoy part four of our Leadership Real Skills Blog Series as we unpack the increasingly valuable skill of making authentic connections.

The “New School” is Here

Recently, as a client receiving a young professional’s service, I picked up a mistake I felt he should have been aware of. I pointed out his error to him and then I was offended when he responded… “It’s my bad!”

I took time and reflected on my reaction, questioning why I was so triggered. I was offended because he’d used ‘slang’ in his response to me.  I felt disrespected. In my mind, he was flippant and dismissive. He made no attempt to correct his error and apologise.

Looking at it from another perspective, I remembered how quickly times have changed. I thought about how newer generations often surprise us with creative and adaptive habits and language. Gen Z proves this with the unique and colourful approach that they bring to their interactions.

Later, I realised he had taken responsibility for his mistake. It was simply different to the way I would have done it. I also thought about the rising stars in our organisations and how fostering genuine connections with them can help them reach their full potential.

Communication Inspires Progress

In today’s business world, 5 generations are participating in any working environment. Each has a unique communication style. There are also cultural variances and the rapid evolution of technology.

Our organisations have become melting pots of new dynamics that challenge smooth communication and collaboration. The fallout can appear in business objectives that don’t carry through, misinterpreted feedback, or failed strategic relationships.

Great communication is a must for engaging large organisations and achieving big wins.

Think of passing a flame from one torch to another. It positively connects people and allows the light to spread and flourish. This is the flow we want our business communication to enjoy.

Make More Authentic Connections

So, the question is, what can we do to turn our communication style into a leadership strength and ensure positive engagement far into the future?

We can start by approaching our teams with high levels of empathy and emotional maturity. This will promote a greater understanding of our differences and give our communication a deeper context.

Embracing new communication tools and technologies is another important step. This is key to reaching our employees where their conversations are happening. It makes collaboration more efficient and can speed up decision-making.

We should also give our younger employees a more prominent voice. They have valuable contributions to make. Hearing their ideas will give us a better chance to understand them. This will give them the confidence to be themselves and access their strengths.

It’s also essential to encourage the expression of cultural diversity with a focus on inclusion. When employees can show up in their most authentic form, we can learn more about them. And we can also relate to them on a deeper level.

These steps will help bridge the gap between the traditional habits leaders are used to and the new era of business we’re heading into. Meeting this transformation head-on will encourage an engaged team effort. It will also empower your organisation to carry out important tasks successfully.

Coaching Creates Skilful Communicators

Custom leadership development and coaching initiatives are powerful tools for injecting modern and relevant communication skills into your business.

Executive or Business Coaching helps your leaders take a step back to view their current reality. It develops emotional intelligence tools to communicate more authentically, impactfully, and across differences. These initiatives also promote greater strategic insight.

Team effectiveness coaching and group coaching help enhance your organisation’s communication from a wider standpoint. They create shared learning experiences that encourage transparency and efficient engagement.

The younger generations possess a fresh magic and are steadily coming up through the ranks. It’s essential to creatively adapt your communication style to meet them. By doing this you’ll merge the wisdom of your current leadership and the enthusiasm of a dynamic new generation.

As a leading provider with over 25 years of experience coaching leaders in blue-chip companies and government, Change Partners is perfectly positioned to help you advance.

Simone Le Hane is an International Executive Coach at Change Partners with a wealth of experience in senior leadership roles and is deeply passionate about coaching and mentoring leaders to perform in a demanding business world. Contact her at or on 082 555 2875 to help you make a meaningful impact as a leader.


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