The 3 Greatest Lasting Effects of Executive Coaching

“Qualified executive coaches enable people to achieve more by providing them a safe space to explore their talents, potential and interests which benefits both themselves and the organisation” Pat Roberts, Senior Executive Coach

The burning question for coaching clients is: How long will my habits remain changed?

Coaching has found an important role in corporate and most qualified coaches are highly revered and respected as change agents. With the right level of chemistry and trust, the client can grow tremendously. Coaches can help you discover yourself, uncover inspiration and areas of development and then hold you accountable to changing your limiting beliefs and behaviours. But, when the coaching relationship ends, do the affects remain?

We conducted a survey among many of South Africa’s large corporate clients to assess the lasting effects of coaching and the 3 effects might surprise you.

How the Survey was Conducted

Our executive coaches approached former clients who had completed their coaching partnership at least six months prior. The participants were sent a detailed questionnaire followed by an interview to explore their thinking more deeply. The interview was done by a coach who had no previous knowledge of the client being interviewed. The findings were revealing:

Key Findings

Enhanced Self Awareness

Most clients agreed that coaching gave them a lasting appreciation and understanding for the importance of self-awareness.

“It’s incredibly hard to maintain self-awareness, especially in stressful situations. But it would have been impossible without my coach’s advices and empathic ear.” – past client.

If nothing else, enabling your client to become self-aware is value enough of the coach, because, before any true change can come, you require acknowledgement of that truth. That is self-awareness.

Career Effectiveness and Advancement

Over 80% of clients agreed that the coach helped them become more effective in the workplace. Most notably efficiencies were created within time and people management.

“It’s amazing how much time is wasted through being ineffective. I wouldn’t have seen so many opportunities to improve my work output, without my executive coach’s guidance.” past client.

Continuous Leadership Support

Being a leader is not easy. You are accountable for everything and everyone below you. Most of the outcomes are based on other people delivering and the lack of control can be overwhelming. Executive coaching can prepare people to take the difficult path of leadership more effectively.

Over 70% of clients agreed that coaching is effective, especially when there is continuous relationship between coach and coaching-client. It becomes a bond and the stronger the bond, the stronger and more long-lasting the effects.

“I used to think leadership is about control. It’s not. It’s about empathy, patience and motivating your team by being an example.” – past client.

Round Up

The survey draws an overarching conclusion that coaching sustainably enhances self-awareness and self-regulation, career effectiveness and lifelong leadership skills that benefit organisations.

To obtain a more detailed report on the survey, please get in touch with Les Weiss on the contact details below.

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