Setting Your Development Goals

Analysis by the Centre for Creative Leadership, on the effectiveness of goal setting, provided the following insights:

The 3 main reasons why goals may fail to inspire and institute change are;

One, the goal is not valued – you have not committed your mind and heart.

Two, the goal is not specific – it’s too broad and overwhelming.

Three, the goal is not supported – you don’t have someone to be your coach, cheerleader or mentor.

When setting a goal, it’s crucial that you motivate both your mind (what you think you should do) and your heart (what you value). If you bring both into the picture, you’re more likely to arrive at goals that are meaningful to you and that you can achieve.

To bring your heart into the goal-setting process, examine how your goals align with your values – the underlying life principles you believe are important. There’s little motivation for success if you don’t connect your goals to your values.

To make all this work, you need to know exactly what your values are. How do you spend your time and energy? What are you passionate about? What do you need to do more of? What should you cut back on? What is missing?

Look at 5 areas of your life: Career, Self, Family, Community and Spirit. Consider how, in each of these areas, you are living out your values. Gaining this perspective will give you some ideas about what you might like to change or improve.

Now you are ready to cast those ideas into the form of a SMART goal. A SMART goal is: – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed.

After drafting your SMART goals, you can take action to achieve them. Plan how you can break your goals into small, specific steps that will move you in the right direction.

Ask friends, family and co-workers for their support as you work towards your goals. Revisit your goals at regular intervals to make sure you’re on track and to re-energise your efforts.

Choosing and planning your goals is hard work. It takes time, it take commitment. The rewards however, are great. By aligning your head with your heart you will set meaningful, attainable goals that will help you make progress towards what you truly value in your life.

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