Coaching Speciality:

  • Campus to Corporate Transitions
  • Development of First Line Supervisors
  • Leader as Coach
  • Mentorship
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Accountability Coaching

Coaching Preferences:

  • Executives
  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management
  • Emerging Leaders

I’m a Great fit for:

  • Small Companies
  • Government Institutions
  • Large Corporates


  • Academic
  • THOD (Teachers Higher Diploma)
  • BAEd (Bachelor of Arts in Education)
  • Coaching
  • Brain-based Coaching Certification (Results Coaching)
  • Team Coaching Certification (Results Coaching)
  • Leadership Circle Facilitator


  • English
  • Afrikaans

Pieter Venter

I n t e r n a t i o n a l  E x e c u t i v e  C o a c h

Unlock your leadership potential and enhance your organisational impact with a transformational coaching partnership.

Taking ownership of your development journey is the key to genuine, long-lasting growth. This, as my philosophy, is supported by my mantra, “If you tell, you own; if you ask, they own,” which highlights the importance of coachee empowerment.

Committed to positive change, I believe that by working alongside you to help you access that hard-to-reach spark of potential within, we can empower you to step into the best version of yourself, make a significant impact in your organisation, and reach your true destiny.


I’m joyfully married to Hantie, my wife of 39 years, and we’re the proud parents of two successful daughters. Passionate about endurance sports, I’ve conquered the Comrades marathon and completed the Argus cycle race multiple times.

I enjoy DIY activities and exploring my artistic side. I’m also passionate about giving back to the community; I provide coaching support to NGOs, school management teams, and churches to empower them.

As a seasoned business and life coach with 24 years of experience in education and 15 years in the petrochemical industry, I have sound expertise to draw from. At Sasol, my roles included Strategy Specialist, Senior Specialist Workplace Coaching, and Coaching and Mentoring Specialist.

I also designed and implemented a range of coaching and mentoring initiatives and created a “Leader as Coach” and a “Leader as Mentor” program that positively impacted Sasol’s performance and development.

Today, as a Change Partners Coach, I use my skills and extensive experience to impact personal performance and leadership growth and help organisations achieve their goals.


Together, as coach and coachee, we engage in an evidence-based, non-directive coaching approach, that encourages you to own and control your development journey and drives positive outcomes.

Let’s work together to develop the tools needed to transform and launch you and your organisation into a successful future.


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