Individual coaching / 1-to-1 Coaching

What is individual coaching?

Individual coaching is a powerful tool to spur professional effectiveness. It allows anyone who wants to grow and develop themselves to do so by stepping back, so as to put things into perspective. This helps the person to become aware of their patterns of behavior and how those patterns impact their relationship with themselves and with others. It is a time to pause in a space of trust, protected from external distractions. Each session aims to develop new skills and new attitudes, challenging our own worldview to enrich the leader’s palette.

Why is individual coaching Important?

The benefits of individual coaching are widely known and accepted, including building independent self-confidence and gaining skills for life. For the organization, the benefits of individual coaching are demonstrated in reduced staff turnover, more engaged employees, and improved productivity.

Individual Versus Group coaching

Individual coaching offers a different experience for both client and coach. As opposed to group coaching, where the curriculum is decided beforehand, individual coaching allows for a more personalized experience.

Examples of individual coaching:

  • A need for personal growth/development in leadership or management such as executive coaching, leadership coaching, transition coaching.
  • Employability/career choices or changes.
  • Support in managing and prioritizing your workload.
  • Improve your communication style.
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