Finding focus and overcoming self-doubt

Case Description

Nomase’s assignment was to coach one of our Directors. She used one-on-one sessions, tailored to the needs of the participant. The bi- monthly assignments ensured that progress could be tracked and there was accountability for the results for all the goals set. Names omitted for client confidentiality


A medical doctor from a large public hospital in the Western Cape struggled with lack of confidence. The client felt she wasn’t able to commit to her plans resulting in doubting her capabilities and her ability generally.
Group of doctors walking in corridor on medical conference
A Doctor Wearing Scrubs

Coaching goal

Build confidence to complete her studies and qualify for enrolment towards a Specialist Qualification.


Manage relationships getting in the way of her saving money and managing time effectively time.

Overcoming cultural prejudice , which was adding to low self esteem.

Getting over her limiting belief due to many abandoned projects including failure to complete the studies.

Confidence to manage both family and peer relationships.

Prioritisation & time management as she had to manage a demanding schedule while creating renewed focus and study time.

Coaching Outcome

The client successfully completed her studies in record time and gained confidence to enrol for the desired Specialist qualification. “Sometimes goals can seem so overwhelming , when you look at where you are now and where you want to go. But after the coaching intervention I learnt to sit down and plan the steps I need to take to ultimately get to my goal ( after all that’s how you eat an elephant piece by piece)“
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