Pieter Venter



Pieter Venter is a seasoned business and life coach with an extensive background in education and the petro-chemical industry. With 24 years of teaching experience, Pieter has honed his skills in leadership and mentorship. He holds a THOD (Teacher’s Higher Diploma) and a BAEd (Bachelor of Arts in Education) qualification, reflecting his commitment to excellence in education.

 Pieter’s career extends beyond education into the petro-chemical sector, where he has amassed 15 years of experience. In this capacity, he has held significant roles, including Strategy Specialist, Senior Specialist Workplace Coaching, and Coaching and Mentoring Specialist for Sasol, a leading global energy company. He has also contributed to leadership development initiatives within Sasol.


Coaching Credentials:

 Pieter Venter is a highly qualified and certified coach. He holds certifications in Brain-based Coaching and Team Coaching from Results Coaching, highlighting his dedication to enhancing coaching effectiveness. These qualifications reflect his commitment to using evidence-based coaching techniques to drive positive outcomes.

 Coaching Philosophy:

Pieter’s coaching philosophy centers on unlocking the untapped potential within individuals, allowing them to realize their true destinies. He is known for his non-directive coaching approach, emphasizing that coachees must take ownership of their development journey. His mantra is, “If you tell, you own; if you ask, they own,” highlighting the importance of coachee empowerment.

 Program Development:

Pieter has a track record of designing and implementing impactful coaching and mentoring programs. He spearheaded the creation of a “Leader as Coach” program for Sasol, enhancing leadership capabilities within the organization. Additionally, he developed and successfully rolled out a mentoring program that benefited employees across all role categories.

Areas of Expertise:

Pieter Venter possesses extensive experience coaching individuals at various levels within the business world. He particularly enjoys working with individuals transitioning from campus to corporate life. He excels in developing first-line supervisors and nurturing leaders in middle-management positions.

Community Engagement:

Outside of his corporate engagements, Pieter is passionate about giving back to the community. He has provided coaching and support to NGOs, school management teams, and churches, helping them in their development journeys. His commitment to community development underscores his belief in the power of coaching to effect positive change beyond the business realm.

Pieter Venter’s coaching journey is a testament to his dedication to personal and professional growth, and his ability to guide individuals toward realizing their full potential. With a rich educational background, extensive industry experience, and a passion for empowerment, he is a trusted partner in personal and organizational transformation.

Coaching Platforms:

Pieter is comfortable to coach face to face as well as using various electronic platforms.


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