Coaching Speciality:

  • Transition Coaching
  • Leadership & Personal Development Coaching
  • Mental Fitness Coaching
  • Holistic Transformational Coaching

Coaching Preferences:

  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management
  • Emerging Leaders

I’m a Great fit for:

  • Small Companies
  • Government Institutions
  • Large Corporates
  • Individuals


  • Bachelor of Technology Banking
  • New Insights Certified Coach (Professional & Advanced levels)
  • The Leadership Circle (TLC 360) Practitioner
  • Ennea Five Lens Practitioner
  • COMENSA Credentialled Senior Coach (CSC Level)
  • Advanced Dip Treasury Management & International Trade
  • Postgrad: Compliance Management Certificate.


  • Positive Intelligence


  • English
  • IsiXhosa
  • IsiZulu

Nomase Loqo

I n t e r n a t i o n a l  E x e c u t i v e  C o a c h

Begin your transformative journey, experience self-discovery, and tap into a powerful source of personal and professional potential.

Leaders who possess a deep well of potential may fail to draw from it because of their limiting beliefs. As a result, they don’t realise their greatness, and their organisations may not enjoy the best of their abilities.

I believe when you have coaching support that recognises your inner power and helps you face your internal obstacles, you can draw the courage to overcome anything and show your brilliance to the world.

As your coach and partner on the personal development & leadership journey, I help you meet your organisation’s current and future performance needs by holistically building sustainable leadership capabilities with a focus on behavioural change and strategy realisation.


I’m a mother of three wonderful adult sons. I transitioned into the personal development space in 2014, because I am intrigued & passionate about human behavior.

I’m also a committed advocate for the underdog and want all those held back by circumstances or lack of self-belief to enjoy the professional growth and life success they deserve. I believe that, with courage, you can thrive and remain true to yourself at the same time. My mission is to ignite that courage.

The financial side of the corporate world has given me a wealth of experience. I’ve spent over 30 years in governance & control functions, and risk & treasury management facilitating the implementation of new policies and operational risk management frameworks.

I’ve led teams, served on executive and risk committees, and tapped into the diverse cultural experience of Global Corporate Finance. This has enhanced my communication skills and equipped me to make authentic connections with my coaching clients.

Today, as a Change Partners Coach, I work with executives and teams to develop their leadership skills and personal strategies to become high-value contributors.


We begin our partnership and your development journey with a self-assessment and set clear objectives before embarking on an exciting period of self-discovery. This transformation enables profound learning and helps you connect to the organisational vision and be accountable.

Let’s work together to help you and your team develop the tools for long-lasting personal and organisational success.


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