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Team Coaching - The Pay Off


Success is never only an individual contribution. Investment in team dynamics will have a direct and positive impact on the overall performance of an organisation.

“Major transformations are often associated with one highly visible individual. One might easily conclude that the kind of leadership that is so critical to any change can come only from a single larger-than-life person. This is a very dangerous belief. A strong guiding coalition is always needed – one with the right composition, level of trust and shared objectives. Building such a team is always an essential part of any effort …” (Leading Change: John Kotter)

Organisations today are facing increasing complexity coming from within as well as from external influences and demands. This complexity renders yesterday’s tools for strategy and decision-making, as well as for interactions within the organisation, inefficient and cumbersome. Executives need to re-examine the whole concept of Leadership Teams. The boss must learn to become a participant in the group and to understand that a true leader must learn to become a “Leader of Leaders”.

Today, a leader can no longer work alone, coming up with the ideas and then communicating them to others for action. A leader will construct solutions in collaboration with others, drawing on their knowledge and experience. In this scenario, the key factor determining the success of the leader is the degree to which each team member feels included, psychologically ‘safe’, listened to and accountable as a unique and interdependent ‘contributor’.

Change Partners have recognised the increasing demand to become effective, creative and productive in an incredibly demanding environment.

Leadership Excellence cannot exist when there is:

  • Disconnected leadership – gap between leader and team.
  • Incapacity to reach decisions.
  • Inability to resolve constant team conflicts.
  • Lack of trust.
  • Power struggles.
  • Unsettled frustrations in the team.
  • Lack of mutual understanding of individual’s values, needs, contributions.

We, at Change Partners, have worked with numerous blue chip clients to re-vitalise the communications, interactions and outputs of their leadership teams through the following process, starting by:

  • The diagnosis of needs.
  • The leader excels in himself first.
  • The team gaining a clear understanding of their individual responsibility and unique team dynamic.

... leading to:

  • The ability to leverage the teams’ individual skills to best effect to achieve optimal results.
  • A team which is confident and flexible enough to utilise its full potential to address any challenge.

A team which leads by example, demonstrating a common purpose and strong commitment to each member.

Change Partners now offer various methodologies to assist leaders and their organisation achieve better results:


Customised Team Coaching Workshops

Focusing on sustained change in team performance. By clearly identifying participants’ issues, needs and requirements before the event, the workshops are individually tailored to address those issues. The process continues after the event to ensure that sustainability is achieved. The initial focus is normally on the following three areas:

  1. Team Communications – coaching teams to develop effective communication that will help build sustainable relationships.
  2. Team Dynamics – coaching teams to build sustainable relationships, based on mutual respect, that will result in more effective, creative and productive teamwork.
  3. Conflict Resolution – coaching teams to overcome internal conflict.

Open Space Technology

A revolutionary technique which enables diverse groups to identify and address issues that really matter to them, to develop solutions collectively and to agree on ownership and action plans.


Future Search

Another large group planning meeting that works on a task focused agenda. People take ownership of the past, present and future; and confirm their mutual values in order to commit to action plans grounded in reality. 


What Makes our Process Unique?

  • Intense preparation via pre workshop interviews, client briefing and debriefing.
  • Sustainability through follow up sessions.
  • Process driven (not a prescription, not an event).
  • Client driven and customized / tailored to the client needs.
  • Dynamic process (outcomes depend on team dynamics and involvement).
  • Flexibility within a defined framework.

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