Mind Coaching

Have your ever had the feeling you know you can achieve something accept a top job or become a leader in your work environment but feel something is holding you back?

It could be that while you are saying "I believe I can fly", that your unconscious mind is intoning: "I know I can't fly; I know I am going to hit the ground with a bump and everyone will see just how little I know."

Beliefs held by the unconscious mind are powerful and convincing. We experience them as a deep knowledge and a truth; but they were probably formed in childhood and no longer apply.

To help your mind disbelieve them, you may need to give it some coaching. Limiting beliefs are usually made at a young age in reaction to some event.

Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety and anger are large factors determining whether one is successful.

I had a client who consulted me because he procrastinated and experienced a conflict between excelling in his senior management position and not wanting to stand out in the company. Through focused questioning, I established that the client's limiting belief may have come about when he was at primary school. He did very well in a particular exam, and on receiving his results the teacher humiliated him in front of the class by accusing him of cheating. His belief was formed: that if he excelled he would be thought of as a fraud. Naturally, he found evidence of this throughout his life, confirming his belief.

With a background in psychology, hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic programming, I begin therapy by asking clients what their particular issue is, how it is a problem for them and how it would be if it were no longer a problem. I believe everyone has the answers they need, but sometimes there is a blockage, or the person is running a strategy which is sabotaging things.

Mind coaching focuses on getting to the origin of the issue, and resolving and healing old emotional wounds. This involves unpacking a limiting belief. For example, I will ask a client who is struggling with self- esteem: "When did you decide you were not good enough?"

The powerful techniques of Neuro-Linguistic programming and hypnotherapy replace the old tapes playing in the mind with new, positive beliefs. Clients get tasks to do to help them maintain the change in mindset.

My primary focus is freedom from the past. This means helping people get rid of past negative emotions, experiences, limiting beliefs, false identifications or traumas that are preventing them from moving forward.

This applies whether the issue is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, in business or in their personal lives. By releasing these negativities and hindrances, a person can be guided to their next level in reaching their purpose. Everyone has a story to tell about why we're not where we want to be in our life. For example, my partner left me', my business partner stole from me', the economy is going down', the market is saturated', I'm not good enough'.

Mind coaching not only helps people recognise that these are excuses that are greatly dis-empowering, it also works to dissolve the reasons for not being where they want to be and thereby reclaim ownership of their lives.

Negative beliefs can lead to physical problems. As confirmed in the Journal of the American Medical Association, storing negative emotions in the body is harmful for the body and can cause physical blocks and diseases. Examples are depression due to sadness, and heart attacks and high cholesterol from anger. By dealing with the conflicts stored in our cell memories, these physical problems can be alleviated.

Mind coaching is effective when used with executive coaching. Whereas mind coaching frees the person from the past, executive coaching tends to focus on moving the client from where he is now to where he wants to be. The two work well in conjunction, as mind coaching eliminates blockages to assist the executive coach to build on.

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